Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our aim to make your Gold Coast holiday as easy and hassle free as possible. When you come to Surfers Rent A Car we pride ourselves on having the cheapest car hire on the Gold Coast, we have a vast range of car hires suitable for a variety of needs and all delivered with exceptional customer service.
Below we have listed some of the questions we are asked most frequently about hiring a car from us.

Q: Do I need an Australian driver's licence to rent a car from you?

No.  A driver’s licence from your home country is fine (an International licence or passport is also required if your licence is not in English). You need to have held a licence for a minimum of 6 months and not have had your licence suspended or cancelled within the last 2 years. We can also rent to Provisional drivers that have held their licence for longer than 6 months.

Q: I'm under 21 - can I rent a car from you?

Yes, we are able to hire to 20 year old drivers. However they are subject to an increased liability of $2500 in the event of damage.


Q: Where can I take my rental car?

Our standard area of use is between Noosa to the north and Byron Bay to the south. Our cars can be taken outside this area, however we must be notified upon booking and additional charges may apply.

Q: Can I pick my rental car up from the Brisbane or Gold Coast airport?

Like many car rental companies, we are an off-airport operator. We collect you from the airport and take you to our office to complete the paperwork in comfort. Our Brisbane Office is only 5 minutes from Brisbane Airport and our Gold Coast office is only just across the road from the Gold Coast Airport. At the end of your hire you return the vehicle to our office and we transfer you back to the airport. Easy and hassle free.

We offer FREE pick up and return from Brisbane and Gold Coast Airports (during business hours 8am – 5pm).

Q: Do you do one way car rentals?

Yes, we do offer one way rentals between Brisbane and the Gold Coast or the Gold Coast and Brisbane (subject to vehicle availability).

Q: How much is the insurance excess?

All of our cars have full comprehensive insurance which covers single and multi vehicle accidents, fire, theft, hail and tyre / windscreen damage. The damage liability for each age group is listed below;

25 to 85 years $750

21 to 24 years $1950

20 years of age $2500


We make it simple and easy to understand. No insurance waivers with confusing terms (CDW / LRW etc which can cost $20+ per day), no sneaky exclusions or hidden clauses, just full insurance cover with a low excess, giving you peace of mind and saving you money!

Q: What happens if I get a speeding fine?

Any fines incurred during your rental are your responsibility.  If we receive any speeding or traffic fines for you, we will complete the statutory declaration and the authorities will forward the infringement notice on to you.

Q: What happens in the event of a breakdown?

We meticulously maintain all of our vehicles in house so breakdowns are very rare. Your first call should be to our office as we will assist in our local area with minor issues and driver created problems (locked keys in car, lights on/flat battery, etc).  Otherwise, we will put you in touch with RACQ premium roadside service.

Q: What do I do if I go through a toll?

There are several toll bridges and roads in South East Queensland that you may pass through in your rental car.  All our vehicles are registered for these toll roads so you do not need to do anything when you go through a tolling point – the electronic tag will register your trip.

Any tolls you have incurred during your hire period will appear on our toll account.

After the end of your rental period, we will charge these to the credit card we have on file for you and email you a receipt. (This is a delayed process, usually within a week of the end your rental).

Q: Can I reduce the excess amount?

We don’t offer an Excess Reduction Waiver like most other rental companies do, as our excess is already as low as possible – just $750 for full comprehensive insurance which covers single and multi vehicle accidents, fire, theft, hail and tyre and windscreen damage

However, if you have organised your own Travel Insurance Policy, it may include rental vehicle excess cover, so please check your policy details.