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The proper use of a horn

The proper use of a horn - Gold Coast

The horn has long been a cause of contention for many drivers, the mere sound of a horn can frustrate and annoy many. The horn’s real purpose is to promote safe driving.

Horn etiquette

A long-loud blast on the horn sends a very different message than a quick beep. Not only can a long-loud blast on the horn be very irritating and intimidating, it can also startle other drivers and cause more harm than good.

When you are on the road you might encounter some questionable driving. If at any point you feel that someone is not concentrating and could be potentially veering into your lane, or they’ve not seen you in their blind spot, it is very appropriate to give them a quick beep to alert them to your presence.

The law

The law in Queensland states that unless you are warning other vehicles or animals that you are approaching them and there might be some safety issues, it is illegal to use your horn. You can incur a fine of more than $66.

It is against the law to use your horn for, but not limited to, the following;

  • Some drivers need to learn that beeping cannot magically clear traffic. If this was the case Queensland Government would have beepers out in rush hour clearing up those busy intersections.
  • A friendly hello to pedestrians and drivers is not a valid use of your horn.
  • I’m waiting! Alerting people that you are out the front of their home by blasting your horn is not its purpose.
  • Showing your frustration to other drivers is not what the horn is for. Beeping other drivers can not only frustrate and anger possibly leading to road rage, it can lead to road traffic accidents as people are startled.

At Surfers Rent A Car, if you want to know how any of the driving laws change from your state let us know and we’ll look into it for you. When you want the cheapest hire car on the Gold Coast you know who to call.

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