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Safe Driving Tips

Safe Driving Tips - Gold Coast

Safety should always come first no matter what aspect of life you’re talking about. This is especially applicable for driving since one wrong move while driving can have devastating results including loss of life. Surfers Rent A Car interacts with drivers on the Gold Coast all the time, and therefore it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about safe driving and the common mistakes drivers make. So, we have written this blog post on how to drive safely on the Gold Coast.


You should always be completely focused when you’re driving. Multitasking is a terrible idea and looking at your phone while driving is not only illegal, it also not very smart and it can cost you your life.

Follow the Law

This is really obvious but still worth mentioning. The driving laws are there for a reason and you should follow them to keep yourself, your passengers and the general public safe. Not following the law can get you into legal trouble or if you’re very unlucky, into fatal accidents. If you’re just visiting the Gold Coast from overseas, it is best to familiarise yourself with the Australian driving laws before you start.

Drive “Defensively”

Be defensive when you’re driving even if you’re in a hurry. Aggressive driving mostly results in unfortunate incidents. Whatever you’re rushing for isn’t worth more than your life. Keep proper distances between yourself and other vehicles. Be prepared for other people’s mistakes but try your best to not make any yourself.

Plan Your Drive

When you’re going on a long drive in your car or your car hire, it is best to plan your stops and schedule who is going to drive when. Preplanning these things will save you time and so you won’t rush on the road.

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