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What Size Car Should You Hire?

What Size Car Should You Hire? - Gold Coast

Car hires can be tricky when it comes to the size and type of car you need. Sometimes you think you need a big car when a small one would suffice, costing you extra, other times you hire a car that’s too small for your needs and your trip is ruined. The experienced team here at Surfers Rent A Car has put together this handy blog post so that you have a more pleasant car hire experience. Enjoy!


As you can probably guess from the name, these cars are quite small. Hence, they are perfect for up to two adults travelling with two relatively small pieces of hand luggage. These cars usually have two doors and usually aren’t too powerful. This saves you money on fuel. Their small size means that they are easy to park.  


These are a bit bigger than the mini cars. These cars are suitable for up to 3 adults. As for the luggage, you can comfortably fit a large suitcase and two pieces of hand luggage into economy cars. Due to their good fuel economy and fairly powerful engines, they are often very popular car hire choices.


These cars usually best driven on cities or well-built roads. Since they can comfortably fit 4 adults and 2 large suitcases in them, they are a popular family car hire choice.


The cars from this category are capable of carrying five adults, two large suitcases and two pieces hand luggage comfortably. The engines on these cars are fairly powerful so they are often suitable to drive away from cities too. 


These type of cars are people movers. If you’ve got a big family, these cars are for you. Carrying up to seven adults, two large suitcases and two pieces of hand luggage, these cars provide extra leg room and offer ultimate comfort. These are also great if you have a lot luggage to move but not as many people. 

Surfers Rent A Car has a massive fleet catering to all car hire needs on the Gold Coast. So, if you’re after a car hire on the Gold Coast, give our friendly car hire savvy team a call and they will be more than happy to help you out with your car hire. Call today to get in touch!

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