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5 reasons to rent a car

5 reasons to rent a car - Gold Coast

We have a whole range of hire cars at everyday low prices. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons most people hire a car.


When you visit the Gold Coast there is so much to see and do, a hire car is a great way to cover a lot of ground and does not limit your adventures to public transport timetables. Take advantage of everything the Gold Coast has to offer.

Business Trip

If you are on the Gold Coast for a business trip and you don’t want to schedule meetings around the public transport timetable, or rely on taxis to show up on time, a hire car is a great investment. If you’re taking the time and money to go on a business trip you might as well make the most of it. Hiring a car puts you in charge of your itinerary, meaning you can make the most of every precious minute here.

Car broken down

If you live on the Gold Coast and your car has broken down why struggle? Hiring a car means you can still drop the kids at school and make it to work on time. Don’t rely on public transport when Surfers Rent A Car can provide the cheapest car rental on the Gold Coast.

First Date, First Impressions

Whilst having a car might not be the most important thing someone looks for in a partner, if you want to treat your date to the perfect day out and you don’t have a car, hiring a car could be the best way to do it. Why limit yourself to local eateries and activities when the Gold Coast has so much to offer.

Family coming to visit

Maybe you live on the Gold Coast and have everything you need in close proximity, but you have relatives and/or friends visiting. By hiring a car, you are not limited to what is on your doorstep, plus you can pick them up and drop them off from the airport if needed.

Hiring a car is a great way to get around the Gold Coast. For reliable and cheap car rental call Surfers Rent A Car today.

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