Choosing the right car hire company

If you’re looking to hire a car while visiting our beautiful region there are lots of companies you can choose from. To ensure you get the best possible car and service, here are some things you should look for in a Gold Coast car rental company:

Reliable and clean cars

Obviously you want a rental car that is in excellent condition while you are on the Gold Coast, even if you are choosing a budget rental car.  You should choose a Gold Coast car hire company that takes pride in their fleet of cars and keeps them all in tip top condition – mechanically as well as appearance.  You should be able to tell by the state of the company’s premises and from a quick glance at the rental vehicle whether or not it is to the high standard you are after.

Local knowledge

An experienced Surfers Paradise car rental provider that has been on the Gold Coast for many years will be able to help you maximise your time here.  They can give you valuable information on the quickest ways to get where you want to go and the best places to visit while you are here. This is a very important aspect of customer service that many of the big rental car chains cannot offer, but small independent car rental companies can.

Competitive prices

For most consumers, price is a big factor in any decision, especially car rentals as they can often be very expensive with all the hidden fees.  We recommend that you do your research because many car hire Surfers Paradise companies promote a low daily price and then add on lots of hidden fees to make their money.  Choose a company that is open and honest about their car rental prices – choose Surfers Rent A Car.

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