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Explore The Gold Coast Hinterland

Explore The Gold Coast Hinterland - Gold Coast

When visiting the Gold Coast it can be easy to get caught up in all the shopping and night life and going to the beach. But did you know the Gold Coast has some of Australia’s most beautiful rainforest only about an hour’s drive away?

For cheapest car hire Gold Coast, get yourself a rental for the day from Surfers Rent A Car and go exploring the Gold Coast Hinterland. Have a break from the city. Here are a few spots to check out.


Natural Bridge

This is a small waterfall in the gorgeous Numinbah Valley. It is aptly named because the rock structure surrounding the waterfall forms a natural bridge. For those who don’t fancy a long walk through the rainforest to check out the falls, this one is perfect. It’s only about a ten minute trek from the car park. Well worth a look and featured on many postcards.


Purlingbrook Falls

The biggest of the waterfalls by far, Purlingbrook Falls is a spectacular site after a period of rain, with water plummeting hundreds of metres down to the valley below. There are several lookouts at the top of the falls to get a great view, and for the more adventurous, you can trek down to the valley below and check out the falls from the rock pool. Nearby there is a restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat after your exploring.


Canyon Lookout And Twin Falls

About ten minutes down the road from Purlingbrook is another lookout called Canyon Lookout. You can actually see great views of the Gold Coast strip in the distance on a clear day. From here you can take a short twenty minute walk down to the rock pool below Twin Falls. These falls are only small, but make for a great photo opportunity. Take some lunch down with you and relax to the sound of cascading water and the calls of nature.


Tamborine Mountain

Not much in the way of waterfalls on Mount Tamborine, but there is plenty to explore, including many great nature walks. Tamborine is also famous for its drinking holes and delicious restaurants. Close to the centre of town is a short walk through the rainforest to Curtis Falls. They are not very spectacular, but worth visiting if heading up to Mount Tamborine.

There are loads of places to explore in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland. In this article we have touched on a few of the better ones.


Surfers Rent A Car

A day trip exploring what the region has to offer doesn’t have to be expensive. Surfers Rent A Car has the cheapest car hire Gold Coast, and with about 65 cars in the fleet, you are bound to find something that suits your budget. Surfers Rent A Car guarantees that the price you’re quoted is the price you pay, so drop in and see them today for car hire.

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