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How far afield can I go in my rental car?

How far afield can I go in my rental car? - Gold Coast

Your holiday dates have been confirmed with your employer and you have booked your accommodation on the fantastic Gold Coast. You have talked with friends and family who have visited the Sunshine State before and have discussed your transport options for your family of 4.


Someone mentioned that there is more than just the Gold Coast to see when you are over here.  There is the Sunshine Coast up North and a beautiful place called Byron Bay to the South.


So, after lengthy discussions you have decided to hire your own vehicle and you have visited our website. You clever cookie – that’s already improved your holiday!


And now, your first question to us is where can I take my rental car? How far can I go?


You will be very pleased to learn that our standard area encompasses the Sunshine Coast to Noosa and you can go South as far as beautiful Byron Bay with no additional charges applying. Yes, You can travel to either of these areas within our standard charges!  You can go even further afield than this, but you do need to let us know your plans at time of booking as, in this instance additional charges may apply and we want you to know all your costs before you take up a hire agreement with us – we will not give you any surprises – well maybe one – our exceptional service!


Right, question number two would be… I know there are tolls on some highways, bridges and tunnels in the Brisbane and surrounding areas – what happens if I go through tolls?


You are right, there are a number of toll bridges, tunnels and roads in South East Queensland that you will probably travel through on your excursions in your rental car.  All our vehicles are registered and compliant for these toll points so you do not need to do anything when you go through – the electronic tag will automatically register your trip.


When you return your rental car you simply pay us for any tolls, which appear on our toll account, that you have incurred during your hire period. You do need to be aware though and note that some toll charges will take several days to be processed onto our account, if this happens to be after you have returned your car we will contact you to organise payment.



And your third question to us to make your car hire experience easy is. How do I get to my rental car from the Brisbane or Gold Coast airport?


As with many other car rental companies, we are an off-airport operator. We use our courtesy valet service to collect you and your family from the airport and take you to our office to complete the paperwork in comfort. You will be pleased to know that our Brisbane Office is conveniently situated only 5 minutes from Brisbane Airport and our Gold Coast office is around 15 minutes from the Coolangatta Airport.


At the end of your hire you return the vehicle to our office and we transfer you back to the airport. This is an excellent service and frees you to relax and enjoy the trip to the airport – there is no extra hassle of trying to locate the rental base at the airport and lug your baggage around.  We will drop you at the departure gate in plenty of time to catch your plane.  It couldn’t’ be any easier or hassle free.


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