Know your blind spots

A lot of people that visit the sunny Gold Coast decide to hire a car so they can make the most of every activity and sight there is to see and do.

Some of the people that hire our cars are confident on the roads and own their own cars, others drive a little less frequently and might be a little more nervous.

To some people, checking their blind spots might be second nature but it never hurts to be reminded of good driving practices.

Even confident drivers make mistakes when they are unfamiliar with the roads, so it never hurts to re-familiarise yourself with the road rules.

What are blind spots?

Blind spots are the areas just to the rear of you that are not detectable in your mirrors. No matter how you position yourself, you will always need to glance over your shoulder to get a visual before you manoeuvre.

When checking your blind spots ensure you have both hands on the steering wheel so you don’t veer off course.

Don’t create more blind spots

By packing the boot full you can obscurer your view further. Try and keep your peripheral vision as clear as possible. If you do have a lot of baggage maybe opt for a bigger hire car that can accommodate it without having to sacrifice safety.

Even if you have an audible alert system that will let you know when someone is in your blind spot, it is still good practice to check. A quick glance over your shoulder can provide peace of mind and a safe manoeuvre.

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