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Road trip Podcasts!

Road trip Podcasts! - Gold Coast

The traditional road trip was never complete without the perfect soundtrack, and Surfers Rent A Car on the Gold Coast are familiar with many of our passenger’s favorites.

In 2021, whilst the classic soundtrack is still the ideal road trip companion, and ‘Don’t Stop me Now’ by Freddie Mercury, and ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ are absolute classics, many people are now turning to Podcasts for entertainment.

Podcasts for your Road trip

Surfers Rent A Car on the Gold Coast are here to recommend some podcasts that might accompany you on your travels.

A Few Podcast Tips


There are so many true crime podcasts out there but if you’re looking for true crime with tasteful banter, and respectful recounts of horrific events you should definitely check out Redhanded; it is a refreshing change from many true crime podcasts. Two educated women discuss topical issues with respect and dignity, whilst also going off on wild tangents.

Hardcore History

Who needs history class when Dan Carlin is on hand to recap the best and worst bits of our past? From the great World Wars, Julia Caesar, to Alexander the Great, you can relive the greatest moments in history at the touch of a button.

The Dollop

A comedic recap of everything in life! Analysing every situation from sports to politics, religion to pop culture, The Dollop takes on every situation with a guaranteed laugh.

Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is an American comedian, and when you tune into his podcast you will see why it is one of the World’s most popular. With a wide range of guests, and an entertaining host that will have your sides splitting with laughter, you will be hooked in no time.


Morbid is an American true crime podcast with a unique vibe; one of the hosts is an autopsy technician, and both parties do thorough research to ensure they honour the victims of the crimes they are retelling.

There’s a Podcast out there for Everyone!

There are podcasts for all tastes, so if you are planning a road trip why not do some research on the best podcast for you and your co-pilot/s.

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