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Ten to two, some basic driving tips

Ten to two, some basic driving tips - Gold Coast

Whether you are hiring a car and you’re a little nervous because you don’t usually drive, or you’re a regular driver, it never hurts to be reminded of the basics of driving.

Get in position

When you step into your hire car, take a few moments to adjust your seat, mirrors and make yourself comfortable. Making sure you are in the perfect position to see the changing traffic conditions is important, so getting everything ready in preparation is important.

Steering you in the right direction

When you were learning to drive you might remember your parents and/or driving instructor saying, ‘keep your hands at ten to two’. Keeping both hands on the wheel will ensure you are ready for any unexpected event.

When steering, make sure you reduce speed before reaching sharp bends. If you are unfamiliar with the Gold Coast roads, airing on the side of caution is advised.

Brake it down

We advise you to brake in two stages. When you want to come to a stop press your foot lightly on the brake to slow the car down, and then as you get closer to your stopping point push firmly on the brake.

Spontaneous and hard braking, whilst sometimes cannot be avoided, can lead to you losing control of the car.

Take it easy

When you hire a car, we know you might be in a rush to get places but please be mindful of your speed and changing conditions. If you hire a GPS from Surfers Rent A Car it will show you the speed you should be travelling at.

Not only will slowing down help keep you, your family and other drivers and pedestrians’ safe, it can also save you demerit points and a hefty fine.

When hiring a car from Surfers Rent A Car you will receive a meticulously vehicle, so you can be assured that your safety is our number one priority.

Call Surfers Rent A Car in Surfers Paradise for the most reliable and cheapest car hire on the Gold Coast.

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