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Using your mobile whilst driving – know the law

Using your mobile whilst driving – know the law - Gold Coast

Any distraction whilst driving compromises your ability to drive safely, and that is especially true of using a mobile phone.

In the interests of keeping you, your passengers, other drivers and pedestrian’s safe there are very strict rules regarding mobile use whilst driving.

Whilst you are driving you cannot hold a mobile phone in your hand. This also includes when you are stopped in traffic or at the lights.

  • You cannot hold a phone in your hand
  • Turn your phone on or off
  • Touch your phone to change the music
  • Operate any function on your phone

You can set up a Bluetooth device in your car providing you don’t need to touch the phone to operate it. Some cars have a message device that reads your text messages to you and allows you to respond with a voice to text function. These are all fine providing you have no contact with your phone.

Learner and P1 provisional drivers under 25

If you fall under this category you must not use your mobile phone at all, this includes a Bluetooth function or mobile’s loudspeaker. In this case you might be best to turn your phone off to avoid all distractions.

When can I hold my phone in the car?

When you are legally parked you are able to use your phone. Again, this does not include sitting at the traffic lights, it means you have pulled over and your intension is to stop.

If you are hiring a car from Surfers Rent A Car and need some information on the local laws, please do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff.  

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